NAKOZA was founded in Nara Prefecture, Japan, in 2002 by Wadaiko (Japanese drum) Artist Jew-Bay Asano.


The non-profit organization NAKOZA conducts social education, international exchange, and community contribution projects through activities such as study programs and performances of Japanese Taiko drums, songs and dances, and people who want to contribute to society gather for these purposes in our community.


We dispatch professional performers and perform Taiko drum music and workshops at music events, school art appreciation events, international exchange events, etc.  NAKOZA’s music combines such elements as rock, Latin- and African-culture based music forms.


In addition, NAKOZA runs a Japanese Taiko dojo named ‘Terakoya’ and performs in local festivals, at nursing homes, a Japanese drum program for children in alternative school programs, and a Japanese drum workshop for non-Japanese.


From 2006 to 2009, NAKOZA organized the Taiko Music Festival ‘Miyato Festival’ and drum, song and dance performers gathered for this event.


In the Taiko dojo ‘Terakoya’, we participate in the local community through performance activities at Japanese drum classes, drum workshops. local festivals, etc., and are organized in the revitalization of the local community.

Jew-bay Asano


The founder of NAKOZA


Japanese drum player, performance facilitator, composer

Representative of the non-profit organization NAKOZA.


Under the supervision of Mr. Daihachi Oguchi, he has been performing on Japanese drums in New York for about 10 years, and also gives drumming instruction to Americans.  Recently, he has taken part in some off-Broadway theatrical activities.  In 2002, he formed the Taiko community NAKOZA in Nara to promote rhythm culture.



Learning new skills – Meeting new people – Japanese drum circles

Music Therapy – Rhythm Therapy


We work with a guide called a ‘facilitator’.  Together we will form a circle and jump right into playing.  Anyone can participate, regardless of nationality, age, gender or musical experience.  This activity doesn’t use music or existing songs.  There is no need for special technology.  Playing is easy.  As you match the rhythm of everyone else, an ensemble is created that will ake you want to dance happily.


This workshop is suitable for everyone, including non-Japanese, elderly people, disabled people and others, and can be utilized in various places, such as in events at nursery schools and elementary schools, etc., for sports support, team work seminars at workplaces, etc.  It is effective at stimulating a sense of rhythm, self-expression, memory training, emotional control, improvement of teamwork, stress relief and relaxation.


Experience rhythm culture for community building

Performance and Workshop requests for NAKOZA or Jubei ‘Jew-bay’ Asano (solo performances) are possible for a wide variety of events, including:

Workshops in the Japanese language

Workshops in English for non-Japanese

Intensive Courses





Please feel free to contact us any time to talk about performance or workshop ideas and requests.


Tel: 090-5256-4838

Email: npo.nakoza@gmail.com

URL: nop-nakoza.com